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About us


Micheladas El Patron is our Second home, we take pride and have a commitment with you to deliver quality and freshness in all of our products.  We make sure not only food tastes great but is also made with love. We like to make sure all of our customers are treated like family and are happy with our Service. It is very important to emphasize that the atmosphere is purely family, pleasant, warm and welcoming, always maintaining a friendly treatment,  The collaborators are trained to innovate in service, the dishes and stews are prepared with secrets in their elaboration that distinguishes them, using first class products, without skimping on quality or quantity. 


About Eduardo

At a very young age Eduardo knew he wanted to do something  extraordinary. Growing up in the restaurant industry where a lot of  family members were business owners. He started working in a  taco truck with his uncle and learning the business that’s when he had his own vision one day in opening his own restaurant. Little did  he know down the road after a lot of hard work and sacrifices  and moving from the Bay Area to Stockton he was able to  accomplish his dream. Gifted with big heart and a sense of  hospitality Eduardo is happy to call Stockton his home.

Restaurant Owner

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